Crescendos and Dynamics

Probably an obvious question, but it’s not explained very well in the manual.

I see how to create the hairpin for a crescendo with the popover menu, but 2 problems: 1) it’s putting the hairpin over the note where it starts, when clearly it has to go under it, and 2) once it’s there, how do I extend it to the full length of the passage over which it occurs. Just having a little < on one note doesn’t help much.

Another problem is with adding dynamics. For example (see attachment), I can’t for the life of me add an mp dynamic under the bottom bass line, it always jumps to the stave over it.
Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 11.41.54.png

Dorico follows traditional practice putting dynamics above vocal parts. I would expect dynamics to go below instrumental parts, and they do.

Strange, because in the Dorico manual itself, there is an example with dynamics and crescendos below the staves (see attachment). I would expect there must be an option to determine the placement, above or below. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen dynamics above the staff, but apparently that is the norm in vocal music, so as not to interfere with the lyrics. I still can’t figure out how to stretch out the crescendo lines though.
Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 14.12.30.jpg

You can force dynamics under the staff using their properties (Dynamics — placement — below)

To make hairpins longer, select them and type Shift+Alt+right arrow, which extends them by the selected rhythmic grid value.

Also, you can select a range of notes before you invoke the popover.