Cresecendo symbol bug 6.01

Whenever I insert a crescendo or diminuendo symbol (in page mode), the symbol insists on extending unto the next page (even though it is inserted in the beginning of the page) - and to the next - and to the next… Consequently, I have to cover up the symbol extensions on every new page with the cover-up square.
There often was a similar problem with these symbols in Cubase 5, but in 6.01 it is persistent.
Crescendo symbol bug.jpg

Hi Anders,
I’m not getting that problem here (Mac Pro also).
Could you upload a simple .cpr which exhibits the problem, and I’ll see how it opens here.
Maybe you need to rebuild Preferences from scratch?

I trashed preferences - still same behaviour. Well, here is a simple test cpr. On top of p.2 you can see the extension of the dynamic symbol. If you delete the symbol on p.1 and re-insert it, it shows up again on p.2 - or at least it does on my system.
Dynamic symbol test.cpr (57.3 KB)

There was no need to even load your .cpr… I had simply misread your post… and, I can now confirm your findings! (strange that I hadn’t encountered it before :confused: ). It adds that “phantom” symbol to the top of all subsequent pages (if you enter it on page #2, it doesn’t add a phantom symbol on page #1)
One thing I’ve found, however… you can Hide the “phantom” symbols… no need to mask them with a rectangle.

In fact, I’ve found another “workaround” (I think I understand what is actually happening… the hairpins are behaving as though they are active VST Dynamic symbols… even if they are just “regular” hairpins… they are expecting a “destination” dynamic. As soon as you insert a VST Dynamic symbol (e.g. “mp”) the hairpin is considered “complete”, and will not reappear on the next page.)
So… until the bug is acknowledged and fixed, just add a VST Dynamic symbol immediately after the original hairpin, then Hide it.

Thanks (again), Vic. I hope this is hereby reported as a bug. I thought I had tried hiding these unwanted extensions, but apparantly not: that’s the way to live with it (until it gets fixed, that is!) Another thing with the crescendo symbols: you need updating the page frequently, as these symbols have a tendency to extend over the whole line - this can be remedied (as said) by updating the page. But the crescendo symbols definitely show strange behaviour over all.

LATER (after reading your LATER): Good to know the “logic” of it - and another good workaround, thanks.