Crete bars does not work

When I try to create a new lead sheet an create f.e. 30 bars that does not work.
Neither with shift B, nor with the mouse menu on the right side???

Is this a bug?

Best regards…

by the way are there tutorial video sin German language? It is REALLY difficult to star from scratch … not really intuitive… sorry

You have to input a time signature before you can create bars with shift B, otherwise Dorico doesn’t know the length of a bar.

Thanx a lot… crazy … and do you also know how to put in Part Signature like Verse and refrain?? I just can put in “A”…

You can use text, Shift-X, and put a border around it. Or change the index to something like 22, which would make your rehearsal mark a V, then add a suffix of “erse.”

Thanx for your quick answer… and sorry I have a German version … how do you do a “border” around it?

sorry found it…

thank you !!!