Critique's highly appreciated

Hi everyone, I recently acquired Cubase Artist 7 and have been practicing frequently. (I do have previous experience from Cubase 4, which was the software from my school)

Anyway, I now have a couple of song’s that I hope i may be able to get some short critiques on, to help me improve in the future. The first link yo see is a piece of Trance styled music and the one below it is for a piece of Chillstep I created not long after.

Thanks for your help!

All sounds used in both of these songs were Cubase VST’s ONLY.

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…That’s what this is right?

And in response to the topic - both songs are nice in general and the instruments are varied and for the most part work together really well, although there seem to be quite a few melodic issues scattered about (not seeming to follow the chord sequences). That is probably just a personal problem though… otherwise great ambiance on both of them!

Right. But if you think about it a little bit, maybe the post had originally been posted in the Cubase forum, and got moved here later… ?:idea:

Mom says it’s the forum police. :slight_smile:

shooting star works ok except the intro is around a minute long…way too long, the track would work better for me at 4mins long, it’s got a nice uplifting feel to it, enjoyed it…
Russian Winter isn’t quite so good, nothing to get hold of for me…a track in this genre has got to have something special going for it to stand out from the crowd…Kevin

Though I really do not like this genre, I have to admit that the tempo used kept my attention longer then usual, the mix sounds good, but the bass kinda sounded hollow ?? What instrument have you used for the bass?

My response depend’s on which song you mean, Though I presume that you mean, Russian Winter, If this is the case then seeing as i used a very thin Bass line deliberately i am not surprised it sounded hollow, It was intentional.

If however you mean Shooting Star, then in truth i’m surprised that you have come to this conclusion, and would like you to explain this to me a little bit more.