Crop MIDI Parts?

After resizing my MIDI Parts, there’s a huge amount of notes that I want to delete on the ends. Is there a short way of getting rid of them without having to open the editor and selecting them and then deleting them?


Use the Scissor tool in the Project window, please.

I can’t tell you how many times I use the scissor to JUST split midi part. It’s actually so simple to cut and then just delete the remaining unused part.

Thing is, I come from Ableton and still think in terms of the way I did things there. With Ableton I just resized a clip and clicked “consolidate” and it then chucked away the rest that isn’t showing.

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There are actually 2 ways to “cut” the MIDI Part. By moving the border of the MIDI Part. This is non-destructive cut and the data remains. So you can move the border back and get the data again. Or you can use the Scissors tool (either by selecting it or using Alt + click). This is destructive cut and the data becomes deleted, if you delete the other MIDI Part.

Another way is to use the range tool to select the “good part” and then [Alt+Shift+X] (Edit > Range > Crop Range.) This is for the project window of course, in the key editor no range tool is available.

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Unfortunately the range select and crop method still leaves the unwanted notes in the midi part, just out of sight though…


I’m after the destructive method. The scissors “split” work and then I just delete the remaining excess part.

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I also come from Ableton and I’m flummoxed that you can’t easily delete MIDI events that aren’t visible in a part. I’m surprised it’s not even a built-in PLE.

To make a function more like Ableton use a range tool to select a range on the midi event.

Then use | Edit - Split
Crop is non destructive, Split is a destructive split at the range end points, it will split away from the midi data that is unwanted.

Split behaves differently on Midi and Audio Events.

  1. You cant split a range of an audio event. (You wouldn’t need to because you could Bounce an audio range).

  2. Splitting the range isolates the midi in the range from the midi that surrounds it and splits it away from its origin (A kind of midi bounce but you then have to delete the unwanted midi sections you have split away from.

!!! Make sure to go to
Edit > Preferences > Editing > MIDI

And tick the option (Split MIDI Events)

This will make sure when you split a range of midi notes in a midi event instead of deleting midi notes that fall outside the range, it will just clean slice them along the split lines so they still exist inside the split range.