Cross-platform GUI rendering for VST/VSTi

Hello. I am trying to build a VST host that can also handle VST GUIs of Plugin from third-party providers. However, I want to have cross-platform logic for rendering VST GUIs of plugin from this host program, of which current VST 3 SDK does not seem to provide. they are all platform-specific (windows, MacOS, etc.)

i did see from official VST 3 manual, that Qt creator can be used for VST development, does this mean that I can use Qt for GUI part?

if there’s any other method i can use for achieving this, I will appreciate if someone let me know.

Thank you.

You could use Qt for hosting VST 3, but at some point you will have to use platform specific code to bind the UI of the plugin to your host, check the example implementation:
EditorHost Application - VST 3 Developer Portal (

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