cross staff beaming: second beam at the wrong side

Please look to the attached foto. The beam of the second part of the a, left hand, is at the wrong side. I cannot find a way to change it. Is this a bug?
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 10.41.40.png

I’ve had similar problems, and I can’t figure out how to fix them, either.

Unfortunately there’s no way to configure which side of a primary beam a partial beam goes at the moment. We do still have some more work to do in this area. I will make a note of this specific case as something for us to try to resolve when we return to this area of the program.

I reported a cross-beam problem back on Feb 18th.

Yes, and I told you then that it had been logged, and indeed it has.

Yes, and I thank you.
Maybe, if there was a way of manually moving a secondary beam as there is a primary beam in engrave mode, these occasianal oddities can be corrected.

Thank you very much! I hope that it will soon be possible to solve the problem. For publishing piano music it is a showstopper.

Some piano compositions of my are ready for publishing, but I have this beam problem in it. For me it’s now a difficult question: should I correct this bug in photoshop or shall I wait for the bug fix. Daniel, can you tell us, is there a planning when this problem will be fixed?

Yes, the problem will be fixed in the forthcoming update.

Thank you very much, Daniel!
I will wait for the update!