Cross-staff beams (and lack thereof) in cue staves in a part

I’m having a weird issue with cross-staff beams in cue staves in a part. (Cross-staff beams are tricky in and of themselves but this is something else.) In the Flute part (though it’s also true in the Oboe and Clarinet parts, which are all I have done at this point), early in the piece, cross-staff beams in the piano cue are working just fine (bars 12, 17, 20, etc.). Later in the same part, some of the stems and beams in the piano cue (but not all) are completely missing (bar 59; also is happening in 54 and 61, though I’ve compressed those cues so it’s not showing where that’s happening). Any idea why this is happening and how I might fix it? Thanks!

TheSpaceBetween 3.0.dorico (1003.5 KB)

Using cues in this way isn’t something that is properly supported. Even where beams appear, they don’t appear exactly as they should: notes should be joined by a whole beam that moves between the staves, but each staff shows its own beam because the way the music is assigned to the staves in a cue is not the same as when it is assigned in the normal run of things.

I think your best bet is going to be to manually copy and paste the troublesome passages from the piano part to the cue staves in the part layouts. Obviously I realise that removes the value of Dorico’s dynamic cues, but it will be reliable.


Thanks Daniel — I knew I was kind of hacking it in the first place. :slight_smile: But your suggestion to just copy and paste the music is perfect. Thank you! In the future it might be nice to have built-in support for piano cues that span two staves, but for now that will definitely work!