cross staff - how?

Maybe I am looking for the wrong thing. But I don’t find anything in the manual about how to do cross staff notes in the manual - just about cross staff beams & slurs.

If I understand correctly I am supposed to select the note(s) I want to cross to staff above or below and hit N or M. When I do this nothing happens. The selected notes stay where they are. What’s the deal here?

Are you writing for an instrument with multiple staves? Provided you have e.g. a piano, if you put a note on the right-hand staff and hit M, it will be crossed to the left-hand staff. Likewise, a note on the left-hand staff can be crossed to the right-hand staff by hitting N.

Yeah, found that it does work on a piano grand staff. Unfortunately not on a guitar & bass staff. It’s not a big deal. When I did research on it and found nobody complaining that M/N wouldn’t work for them I realized there was something else going on.

You can cross between multiple instruments held by the same player, but not between instruments held by different players. Assign the guitar and bass to the same player in Setup mode and you’ll be able to cross notes between them in galley view; when you switch back to page view, both instruments will appear.

Great! Thanks for the info.

CROSS STAFF!!! That’s what I’m looking for

or is it? hmmmm.

I want mid-octave left-hand piano arpeggios to be shown on ledger (leger) lines above middle C…not in the treble clef.
preferably during real time midi input.

Try Alt-M and Alt-N. That’ll actually move those notes to a different staff.

This is what I needed.

I would really like to see a user’s manual that only shows editing options and features. Maybe that’s all glossary stuff.
Wading through all the explanations of how the software is designed is great…but sometimes I just want to find out how to change stuff.

(why isn’t ‘cross-staff’ linked as ‘related’ in the ‘octave lines’ category? or show up in a leger (ledger) line search…I’m showing my ignorance I know)

Also…curious why ‘properties panel’ is referenced in the manual, but it’s called “bottom panel” in the drop-down menu.

This will certainly help, if you haven’t read it already:’s%20Guide%20to%20Dorico.pdf?dl=0

I know! I’m in such a hurry to get this Elvis Presley song written out. The juxtaposition between Elvis and Dorico 2 Elements is deep and wide. Coming from Finale Print Music, I might be a bit of a pest for awhile. Thanks for your patience.

BTW…I just learned about ‘properties panel’ in the manual and had to figure out it’s actually called ‘bottom panel’ within the software.

also…I know you hate me already…I kept messing with the tempo setting near the transport buttons. I finally figured out I could right click and drag the numbers. The manual steered me towards notation panel and the properties panel. neither of these changed the tempo setting upon pressing record. I do not see the right-click drag method mentioned here…

only the right click drag down method allowed me to begin recording Elvis music at 66bpm. Looking through tempo searches in the manual, going though notations panel and properties panel edits to show 66bpm, Dorico still had me at 120bpm.

I don’t mind the complications of exceptions you must allow for, but maybe the manual could mention the easy way right up front in this instance?

yep…I have a long way to go. This cross staff insists I’m writing in two voices…not simply a left-hand part. I’ve got quarter rests flying all over the place and I can’t cut them in order to make for a seamlessly visual left hand part that creeps up into the middle of the grand staff. Is it THIS advanced? I guess so.

I’m sorry…I’ll stop being in a hurry if you don’t abandon me. And I’ll read the manuals and take notes, but I can’t search the forums. Searching for Tempo brings up some serious questions.

You’re looking at the Dorico 1 manual, which accurately supports Dorico 1 but doesn’t mention features that only exist in Dorico 2. Try the Dorico 2 Elements manual:

  1. It is that complicated, because Dorico can’t mind-read! Maybe forget about dealing with the Rests until you’ve got the right hand notes in. Edit > Remove Rests should come in handy there.

  2. You CAN search the forum; you just have to know how. There are clear instructions in the pinned FAQ thread here:

Hi, golfnwaltz.
You should really consider Dan’s post (#10). It’s quite fast to read and you’ll be good to go in no time :wink:

The bottom panel contains different features dependent on whether you’re in Setup mode, Write mode, Play mode or Print mode (and in Dorico Pro, Engrave mode). For the purposes of hiding it or showing it, it’s known as the Bottom Panel throughout.