Cross-staff slur with start and end note in same staff

How can I create a cross-staff slur that looks like this, with the start and end notes both in the bass clef?

I found a similar post (called “Cross stave slur: crossing back?”) but can’t seem to figure out how to make it work.

Cross-staff slur.dorico (708.5 KB)

If it were me…

Click first and last notes,
press S. Then, in Engrave Mode,
drag slur where needed.

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I made a couple of changes to your sample as illustration. Thanks for providing the sample Dorico file.

Cross-staff slur changed.dorico (501.0 KB)


Thank you both. I should have mentioned that I was wondering if this was possible without manual editing in engrave mode. I’m going to have many bars with similar phrases and it looks like each one will need to be manually edited, and furthermore, those edits will have to be made at the very final step of the project (since any subsequent changes to the score, addition of dynamics, global spacing settings in engrave mode, etc. can pretty easily mess up the slurs).

Disclaimer: I’ve only been using Dorico for a few weeks (former Sibelius user), so I don’t have a workflow firmly in place yet or a sense of whether such manual edits throughout the score are typical when polishing things up.

Cross-staff slur changed 2.dorico (589.4 KB)

I fear each instance may require manual tweaking. This is where simile may come in useful. Best wishes for your project.

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Quite so. If every measure is the same pattern and look, there’s little use in marking every one apart for first instances after the pattern returns, having been interrupted or broken.

Cases like this always remind me of the old engravings of the famous Widor Toccata where there is a staccato marking on every single 16th note for 10 pages. I laugh every time I see it; it is so tragically unnecessary.

Good point! Thanks all for your input.