Cross staff slurs (bug?)

Hi, I’m attaching a short segment with cross staff notation with slurs. The beginning of each slur should be attached to the low B and low A of the left hand. Instead it seems to lie somewhere between the first and second note, and does not extend down to the lower staff.

By default, Engraving Options > Slurs > Avoiding Collisions > Maximum angle for cross-staff slurs is set to 50 degrees. Try nudging it up to 60 degrees.

As to “bug?” in the topic, do bear in mind that even with ~60 global slur parameters, slurs are variable beasts. The factory defaults give good results on a high proportion of slurs, but they can’t guarantee perfect results on every slur. In this instance, you have a slur that needs an angle greater than 50 degrees. The default rule prevents Dorico from producing such a slur. There isn’t a bug; rather, there’s a rule that doesn’t work for this particular case. For the limited example you’ve given, the obvious choice is to change the rule, but do bear in mind that this may have undesirable effects on other slurs, elsewhere in the project. Do expect to have to manually tweak slurs occasionally.