Cross-voice "X"

Is there a “cross-voice x” symbol anywhere in Dorico, for highlighting situations when two voices on a choral staff are inverted?

If not, I assume the best way to get it is to create text and make a text style that’ll give me an “x” that looks appropriate (and different from my lyrics, headers, etc.). Does that sound right?


I consider myself a very experienced choral singer and conductor, but I’m not sure I can call to mind this symbol. Do you mean lines that join successive notes to show the voice leading more explicitly? If so, you might be able to use glissando lines with the “gliss.” text hidden for this.

No, it’s an actual small “x” symbol over the staff. Here’s an example, in which the tenor (top voice) is singing a D and the lead (second voice) an F:
cross-voice X example.png
Probably this is another quirk of barbershop singing. It’s something we typically use to indicate when tenor and lead are inverted — particularly when, as in this example, there are no stems on the affected notes. It’s specified on p. 11 of the BHS style guide (search for “Voice crossing”).

you can add such things as text. Select the appropriate note and do Shift-x, then type the X. You can finetune its placement in Engrave mode.

Yes, I think it’s probably best to add this by way of simple text for the time being.