Crossfade curve presets getting erased?

I’m doing some heavy editing on a part with several short audio events for which I frequently have to use the crossfade function.

I need to use different curve presets depending on the material, etc, and I noticed the curve presets sometime seem to get “erased”… IE the presets still show up in the list but choosing them doesn’t change the parameters anymore.

Is this a glitch or am I somehow not “managing my presets properly”?

(I’m running 10.5 on a Win 10 machine)

Hi and welcome,

Isn’t it just a graphical issue? Maybe just the graphic of the Crossfade window has not been updated correctly. I mean, if you apply the preset, can you hear that the right preset has been applied or not?

Hi, thanks for the reply. …I’m not 100% sure if it’s just a graphics update glitch or not.

I was editing material with lots of very short crossfades (sliced drum beats) which makes it harder to hear some of the fades clearly. I’ll have to do a few tests with longer fades and keep you updated.

Ok I just encountered the same problem on another project and I don’t think it’s just a graphical issue. I’m on 10.5.2 now and my saved crossfade presets are listed but once again the curves are completely gone. The only thing that the presets seem to remember is the duration (ex. 30ms) for each preset. Otherwise the curves are all just the “straight” equal gain default.

I also tried applying a much longer crossfade with one of my non-equal-gain presets (a volume “dip” , concave up slope positive then negative that I sometimes use to softly mute unwanted sounds… it’s impossible not to hear it on a long crossfade) to see if I could still hear a difference even if the represented curve is straight, but once again the actual applied crossfade curve remains straight until I manually modify the curve parameters.