Crossfade handles are missing

First this is version 10.5 I’m referencing.

The crossfade handles are missing.

Well a screen grab would be useful for folks to see what’s happening.

Absent any details, I’m gonna guess you’ve converted an Audio Event into an Audio Part.

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Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 6.29.16 PM Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 6.29.07 PM

Audio Event into an Audio Part. – I don’t understand why this is important, kindly educate me please.

Yes that’s the issue. You can tell it’s a Part because it looks like a box within a box.

  • An Audio Event is like a ‘window’ into an Audio File that encompasses some or all of the Audio in that file.
  • An Audio Part is like a ‘box’ that can hold one or more Audio Events. This allows you to treat this collection of various bits of Audio as if it were one thing.

Fade In & Out and Crossfades are associated with Events and not Parts. So you need to access the Events to Edit them. You can do this 3 ways, depending on what you want.

  1. Double Clicking on it will open the Part Editor where you can directly access the Events.
  2. Dissolve the Part (Audio>Dissolve Part) and just use the individual Events.
  3. Render In Place will create a new Audio Event out of the Part. Which you can then edit.

I rarely use Audio Parts. Edit>Group lets you select Audio & MIDI Parts, Audio Events, Chord Events, etc. (pretty much what ever you can move around in the Project Window) and lock them together when moving them around. This provides a lot of the functionality of Audio Parts in a more flexible manner.

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Thank you for your thoughtful response.