crossfade loop issue

I’m fairly new to Wavelab, so maybe I missed this before, but the loop tweaker in 7.2 is exhibiting a strange behavior. When I try to setup a crossfade and hit apply, the selection compresses to the size of the crossfade only and then repeats. So, if I create a crossfade that’s 10% of the size of the original loop, I only hear the last 10% of the loop repeating over and over. I think the crossfade is actually correctly rendered, but it’s impossible to tell when I’m only hearing a tiny part of the loop itself. If this is the intended behavior, I’d like to request that the behavior be changed so that after I hit apply, I hear the entire loop with the new crossfade.

BTW, thanks for making the select loop keyboard shortcut work no matter where the cursor is in the file. Great!

I can’t reproduce what you say. Maybe gives some screenshot to explain?

When editing loops, it’s better to use loop markers for looping and selections for editing - and not looping.

Luck, Arjan

Regarding this, I sincerely encourage Wavelab team to upgrade the crossfade & loop editing features to make them just like in Halion 4. It’s much more comfortable to tune the loop in realtime including crossfades (instead of Aplying the changes over and over), and also is very helpful to see the resulting crosfaded waveform. I don’t think it could be any better than this.

Unfortunately Halion 4 doesn’t allow to save modified waveforms.