Crossfade not doing anything

I am trying to do simple crossfade between audio parts. Impossible in my Pro 12. See screenshot. While the option “Crossfade (close gaps)” shows available, it does nothing, nor does “X”. I have seen previous threads in this forum, and I am a pretty advanced user, so I don’t understand what is going on - anyone an idea?

These are takes on a track? There it works different.
For cross-fades, you need overlapping audio events. The comping process doesn’t produce overlaps.

Audio parts are no events.
You need to stay with the right terminology to describe what doesn’t work.
But I’m not really sure what you are trying to do.
Your description is vague.

Hi yes they are not overlapping, they are audio events that have been cut (between bars). But when they are moved around, they don’t always transition perfectly, so there are audible clicks produced. All I want to do is create a very short cross fade between event A and B, so that the click disappears. Isn’t that done via Crossfade?

Just to be clear, I am not after comping, just any standard audio track.

The problem, as @st10ss has suggested, is that the screenshot truely looks as a comping attempt…
OTOH, I see a “GUIDE” MIDI part, so I guess that it indeed shows three audio tracks with a MIDI/Instrument one among them, but it’s not really enlightning, as we don’t see any track header…

This to ask, and looking again at your screenshot, what are you actually trying to crossfade ? I don’t see any any event “A” or “B”, and there are no overlapping audio events… Additionaly, check the Snap to 0 crossing feature.

For a cross-fade, they need to overlap on the same track. Otherwise, they use fade in and fade out.
Maybe you are searching for auto-fades?
There is a setting that applies standard fades to events. And you can define how they should look like and how long they should be.

Thanks guys, here another screenshot to avoid confusion - bass part , split into segments. When I move segments around, and repeat bars, in some cases there is a “click” between the transitions. So what I want to do is select a few milliseconds on left and right around the cut and “cross fade” these so the transition is seamless and the click gone. What’s the best way to achieve this?

As many has already said, in order to cross fade between two audio events, they have to overlap. The do not overlap in your screenshots. That would be step #1.

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Read above for the beginning?
I already answered it.