Crossfade Not Working

We’re getting a bit off topic here, but what does that matter in these days?

I think you gave an excellent explanation about the difference between events and parts.
For me personally you gave the definition “clip” finally this definition which I actually understand! Nuendo’s manual is so unclear about this, but you nailed in my opinion.
So…thank you.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

You are both right in saying that the terminology is very confusing and not explained well in the manual, but I have decided that life is too short to worry about it. As long as I can get what I want out of Nuendo I don’t care what things are called, or what I think they are called.

Hi I’m having the same issue. Which files must you save from the original preferences folder to put back into the new preferences folder ?

I believe Auto Crossfade is just referring to what happens when you split an event, at which point it will apply an automatic crossfade based on your default setting. It won’t be visible though, it happens in real time. As you will see in the settings, it can’t be any larger than 500ms, so is not meant as a tool for crossfading, just to stop any glitches at the point the split events meet. It’s the same for Audio fades as well, they are applied at the and of an event I think.

I reloaded my key commands, batches, presets, project templates folders, VST quick controls. I let Nuendo rescan the plugins to make sure everything was certified. I just took a few minutes and reset my screen layouts, media bay settings, etc.manually. I have been working with it daily and there have been no further issues.

Does anybody found working method.

I have the same problem at home: the CROSSFADE does not work. It happened all at once. Reinstalling the software, returning preferences to default: nothing helps. Broken. Unable to activate the “X” shortcut or to find the “Crossfade” menu. W10 and latest version of Nuendo, does anyone have any idea? I really do not understand and stuck in my job. What’s wrong? :blush:

EDIT: I have completely cleared the preferences as advised. It worked, I got the Crossfade function back. Woo what a problem say so. :question: