Crossfades across tracks

Hi. I’m new to Nuendo coming from Protools. So far, so good. The tools are great.

I am doing a dialog edit. Crossfades work on the same track by selecting across the cut and hitting ‘x.’ I was able to edit the characteristics in the Crossfade editor and set that as default. Excellent.

In PT I could select the end of an event on one track and the beginning of an event on the track below, hit the hot key and it would do that cross fade across tracks. In Nuendo, I can’t do that.

I noticed that it specifies in the manual that the events must overlap and be on the same track so if it’s not possible has anyone come up with a viable work-around or perhaps can suggest something? Right now, I’m using the handle on the event, double-clicking to edit the curve and hitting apply, then doing the same on the event below.

Thanks in advance

This is a great feature request for Cubase and Nuendo.

Both these programs desperately need to add as many of these micro-time-savers as possible to compete in the professional editing world… If your software saves film production costs - they - will - use your software.

I suppose you could possibly see if you could create a macro for it. Not sure what steps to go through, but there are quite a few things that don’t seem obvious at first that one can get around using macros.

Don’t think so, I’m the Macro PLE master and I can’t think of how this could be accomplished.

Maybe using ‘locate next event’ combined with the cursor and fade to cursor, getting the proper event selection would be difficult though

Select both events and tracks (if ‘Track Selection follows Event Selection’ is on, the tracks will already be selected)

-Locate Selection Start
-Locate Next Event
-Fade Out To Cursor
-Locate Next Event
-Select Events Under Cursor
-Remove Fades
-Fade Into Cursor
-Locate Previous Event


Thanks for bringing up this great Feature Request…I really think this is a big omission in Nuendo.

@ Lovegames:
The workaround by means of your macro looks promising, thanks for sharing this, but how did you manage with “Select Events Under Cursor”? Actually, that doesn’t work on my system.

When I replay the macro step-by-step, by clicking on the menu items, the macro loses its functionality after “Select Events Under Cursor” because the 2 events already were selected:


  • I’ve got 2 “overlapping” events selected on 2 tracks above each other. I “lasso-selected” them by means of the Object Selection Tool (the pointer).
  • I’ve got “Track Selection follows Event Selection” switched on.

-Transport/ Set Cursor Project Position/ Locate Selection Start : OK, cursor moves to the start of the 1st event
-Transport/ Set Cursor Project Position/ Locate Next Event : OK, cursor moves to the start of the 2nd event
-Audio/ Fade Out To Cursor : OK, Nuendo creates fade outs on both events
-Transport/ Set Cursor Project Position/ Locate Next Event : OK, cursor moves to the end of the 1st event
-Edit/ Select Events Under Cursor : NOT OK : Nuendo doesn’t change its selection: both selected events remain selected. Nothing happens.
-Remove Fades
-Fade Into Cursor
-Locate Previous Event

Maybe “Select Events Under Cursor” should be preceded by:
-Edit/ Select None , in order to make it possible to Nuendo to select “only the 2nd event”
-Navigate/ Down , in order to set the selection to “only the 2nd event” in the following macro-steps

If I insert those two commands, the macro actually works on my system, so what’s the difference with yours?
Just curious why it works as you showed on your GIF’s…

So here’s the macro which does work on my system:

-Transport/ Set Cursor Project Position/ Locate Selection Start
-Transport/ Set Cursor Project Position/ Locate Next Event
-Audio/ Fade Out To Cursor
-Transport/ Set Cursor Project Position/ Locate Next Event
-Edit/ Select None
-Navigate/ Down
-Edit/ Select Events Under Cursor
-Audio/ Remove Fades
-Audio/ Fade In to Cursor

Niek/ Amsterdam

Apparently Nuendo handles “Select Events Under Cursor” differently than Cubase does in that, Cubase only includes the start of events for “Select Events Under Cursor” whereas Nuendo includes starts and ends of events.

Your workaround is good, only downside is that the tracks will need to be right next to each other.

I wonder why this ‘Select Events Under Cursor’ protocol is different on Cubase and Nuendo.

Ideally, you would want it to be able to function like this, but might not be possible with this protocol difference

For me it works in Nuendo 10.2.20 too - without any macro…

have a look:

=> Range Selection Tool “2” and press “A”. done.



also nice…
(with the use of “A”) :wink:


@ Centralmusic
Interesting, thanks for sharing this. Which command do you apply to the range selection?
I’m asking this, because when I use “Audio/ Adjust fades to range” Nuendo doesn’t always create a “Crossfade” between the 2 events.
It depends on the amount of “overlapping”…When the overlap is relatively short, Nuendo creates a “Crossfade”…when the “overlap” is relatively long, Nuendo creates a fade-in/out on both events…Is this the same on your system?

Niek/ Amsterdam

how do you gentlemen post these -inline- GIF’s ?
I’ve got this program to create GIF’s but I seem to be helpless when I’like to post one directly (inline) in a Steinberg forum-post…

Now, back to the topic again… :blush:

Niek/ Amsterdam

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Will try soon. Thanks!