Crossfades issue

Hello you all

Why do crossfades happen in clips that don’t overlap?!
Can I have this feature working as described in the manual?

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Yes - that bothers me too – It happens to me a lot during dialog editing - I’m sure you’ve discovered that it has to do with which clips are selected at the time - and also the space between clips - there is some distance between clips criteria that it observes - but it seems illogical the way it functions - I get caught many times a day by this - undo / grab correct clip sequence and then you’re fine. But I would agree the way it functions is dumb and probably not that difficult to fix - I’m sure there’s somebody out there that thinks the opposite.

In Nuendo manual stand as follows:

“You can only create crossfades if the consecutive events or their respective clips overlap.”

This is slowing me down A LOT.
Please Steinberg, introduce this “automatic crossfades” (whatever this function name is) as a option but don’t take away the chance of respecting the audio source. I need to be able to control without mistake, when (and when not) crossfade clips should happen (and how).
Be gentle, bring it back, bring it as it stands in your own manual.
Is this perhaps a bug? Maybe it is…
Felix Too, I can imagine you don’t apreciate this behaviour editing dialogue. Imagine editing multitrack classical music… 100…150 tracks at the same time. No fun, no fun at all and increases human mistake while editing…

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Nu 10.2.20
Win 10

Anything gaps under a second appear to be treated as a go for a crossfade. Agree it would be good to have this as a preference you can turn on/off.

yes, having per default this automatic “go for a cross-fade” OFF. :wink:
I imagine this being positiv for some but very annoying for others, me included.


Hello again,
Is this a minor issue?! It is intended Crossfades to behave like that?