Crossfades un-done when audio parts are glued :shock:

Windows 7 64 bit
Cubase 8
***Astonishingly, this bug has been around since Cubase 6!

  1. Create new project, import any audio file
  2. Chop up audio file anywhere
  3. Create crossfades in audio file
  4. Glue clips together
  5. Open part editor (double click on glued part)
  6. Result - All crossfades have disappeared, and audio tracks are smply lying on top of each other. There will be clicks and pops.

Suggested workaround : Select audio files, press ‘x’ to crossfade. However, if you don’t know this, all of your glued parts will NOT crossfade and there will be clicks.

I can’t believe I was working around this from V6, 3 years ago, and it still hasn’t been fixed.

Same here. I was editing some ambient recordings, cutting and crossfading to avoid some noises I didn’t want to be heard, then I glued everything and luckily I gave it another listen before exporting… In my case, the first crossfade in a glued track always works fine, the following ones are canceled.

Maybe i don’t really understand the problem but as far as i understand this is not a bug. If you cut an event into several pieces and apply fades these of course are gone when you glue them back together. This is not a bug. Fades and Crossfades can only be done on to seperete audioevents. If you want the fades to be permanent you have to bounce a new audiofile from the selected Events.


Because it is not a bug… Novikthewise explains it.

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I encountered this too. Some embarassingly lousy programming, Steinberg. Probably would take 3 minutes for a soft engineer to fix.