Crossfading in Lanes / Multitrack editing

Hi all, I’m working on a large movie project. A little description.

Recorded 24 tracks in sync with video - 16 voices + 8 ambience tracks - no tempo based music !!
I did on a particular part 10 takes - thus 10 lanes per track
So I get 240 tracks in total
Comping with multitrack editing
so far so good (on top behavior is another problem grmbll)

Now - how do I crossfade - lets say - lane 1 with lane 6 for example ?
And this on all 24 tracks of course ?

Maybe I miss something here ? Let me know please …

Thanks a lot

If I understand you correctly, you want to crossfade between (the same) 2 takes on each track?

I THINK all you need do is select the 2 takes (which will select all the linked takes on each track in the folder) and hit X - this will crossfade the takes. In other words, the takes don’t have to be in the same lane to crossfade.