Crossgrade eligibility (time-sensitive question)

Congratulations on Dorico… like many, I’ve been eagerly awaiting its release.

There’s a time-sensitive question regarding crossgrade eligibility: Could Steinberg please let Sibelius customers know which versions we’ll be able to crossgrade from? This is very important because after June 30, 2016, Sibelius users will be charged $299 / € 299 (vs. $89 / € 89 before 6/30/2016) to upgrade to the latest version of Sibelius.

If Steinberg doesn’t recognize our version of Sibelius as eligible for crossgrade, kindly let us know in advance of the June 30 deadline; that way we could upgrade to the latest Sibelius for $89 / € 89 and then crossgrade to Dorico upon its release for $300 / € 300. This would save us nearly $200 / € 200 compared to having to purchase a brand-new license of Dorico.

See here:

As the thread Neil has linked to above hopefully makes clear, you don’t need to worry: any version of Sibelius from 1.0 to 8.whatever will be eligible for the crossgrade, provided it is a professional or academic/educational license for the full Sibelius product, rather than for one of the cut-down versions like Sibelius Student or Sibelius First.

Many thanks for your helpful replies. (I had searched the forum for “crossgrade” but should have looked for variants such as “cross-grade.”)

@Daniel and Steinberg: Thank you for treating Sibelius customers better than Avid does! Looking forward to switching to your new product.

I’m glad I found this thread now as my annual subscription for Sibelius runs out on June 9th and I have a tough choice to make between renewing that or buying the Dorico crossgrade before the deadline expires.

I won’t be able to do both unfortunately and I’m inclined to just go for Dorico at this stage, presumably it doesn’t matter if my subscription has already expired as long as I can prove i bought it legitimately at some point (which I can do quite easily).

Indeed, all you need to do is upload a PDF showing e.g. a screenshot of your Avid Application Manager showing your current license for Sibelius, or even your original Sibelius CD-ROM with its serial number sticker or whatever. If you have any problems with establishing your eligibility, you can always contact me directly and I am happy to help. You can also potentially save a few pounds by buying from one of our channel partners – here in the UK, for example, you can buy the crossgrade from Andertons (here’s the full crossgrade and here’s the educational crossgrade), and they’ll send you a box. You don’t need to install anything from the box, but you will find your activation code in there, and also usefully an empty USB eLicenser in case you want to move your Dorico license onto the eLicenser.

Cheers Daniel, I didn’t actually think to look at a local retailer for the crossgrade so that is definitely something i will consider! I do actually already have an elicenser but it’s a bit the worse for wear so maybe a new one will come in handy. :wink:

I’ve just realised I have some loyalty points with Andertons from a previous purchase that will save me about another £5 on this, so it looks like I will be buying from there after all. :slight_smile:

Well I have Dorico installed and activated but i’m having trouble working out where exactly to upload my crossgrade proof on the Steinberg site. It’s probably something blindingly obvious but right now I’m a bit lost. :frowning:

When I purchased the crossgrade, I put it into my cart and it gave me information to upload my proof. After a couple of days, I received an approval email and a link to complete the purchase.


Ah well I purchased a physical box online so never got that cart option. Right now Dorico appears to be activated with no issues on my Steinberg account but I’d like to be sure about it so I don’t get any nasty surprises down the line.

I have all my proofs waiting and ready to go in PDF format just nowhere to send them right now… and the crossgrade offer ends soon so I’d like to be sure of my position before then.

Ok I got it all sorted via tech support on my Steinberg account, case closed.

Can you tell me what tech support did? Is the a place in the Steinberg account to upload the proof? I’m in the same situation and have not gotten a response from them.

If you have bought from a reseller, then the reseller is responsible for handling the verification, so the reseller should have got your proof of eligibility from you at the time of purchase. Once you have the software, you don’t need to worry about verification: you can simply install and activate it.