Crossgrade from Cubase 12 Pro to Nuendo 12 and licensing

From what I understand, when I crossgrade from CP12 to N12, I will still have a Cubase 12 license. Does this mean I am able to transfer that Cubase license to my friend so he can use Cubase and I can use Nuendo?

To specify (although this is likely irrelevant to the answer), I plan on giving the license away if I am authorized, as opposed to selling it.

You retain the Cubase Pro 12 licence after crossgrading to Nuendo 12. I believe a crossgraded licence is marked on Steinberg’s database as ineligible for qualifying a further Nuendo crossgrade, though it can be updated to future versions of Cubase Pro.

At the moment, there is no way of transferring a Steinberg Licensing licence to another user. When there is, I do not know whether crossgraded licences will be transferable.

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Thank you so much for your reply!

the cubase license disappears after the crossgrade

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I actually recently crossgraded from C12 Pro to Nuendo 12 and I still have my C12 Pro license, just FYI

My Cubase License also Disappeared after crosgrading to Nuendo,
I am not able to compose music in Nuendo as fluently as it was in Cubase.

How its possible that you still have the license for Cubase Pro ?

Why? I was under the impression it was the exact same thing, Nuendo just has more features

Which version of Cubase did you have? Only the crossgrade from Cubase 12 pro to Nuendo 12 retains the Cubase license.

Nuendo is primarily set ro work with sound so all its settings and preferences are set up differently.

I have migrated from Cubase 10.5 Pro

Me too. Now I don’t remember if at that sale there was an option to buy an update for Nuendo so I can activate it to Nuendo 13.
Confused what to do:
Buy Cubase update and wait for Cubase 13 to activate it or wait for next Nuendo update sale? :confused: