Crossgrade from Cubase 12 Pro to Nuendo 12 and licensing

From what I understand, when I crossgrade from CP12 to N12, I will still have a Cubase 12 license. Does this mean I am able to transfer that Cubase license to my friend so he can use Cubase and I can use Nuendo?

To specify (although this is likely irrelevant to the answer), I plan on giving the license away if I am authorized, as opposed to selling it.

You retain the Cubase Pro 12 licence after crossgrading to Nuendo 12. I believe a crossgraded licence is marked on Steinberg’s database as ineligible for qualifying a further Nuendo crossgrade, though it can be updated to future versions of Cubase Pro.

At the moment, there is no way of transferring a Steinberg Licensing licence to another user. When there is, I do not know whether crossgraded licences will be transferable.

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Thank you so much for your reply!