Crossgrade from Cubase Pro 11 to Nuendo 11 not working


I bought my first boxed version of Cubase 4 (I still have the box) a long time ago and have been upgrading Cubase ever since. I am getting more work in post-audio besides music jobs, so the step towards Nuendo is only logical.

So I purchased a crossgrade from Cubase towards Nuendo 11. I have Cubase 11 pro now. So this should work perfectly, right?

I have latest e-licencer version now, but still the same message: no eligible licence found to upgrade from. The licence is right there. It does say there is a grace period for Cubase 12. Is that the problem???

Ok this has been over a month now, my trial period for Nuendo is coming to an end.

I can not activate a valid crossgrade code to a valid steinberg product (according to the crossgrade sales information). This is no service at all.

There hasn’t been support answering my request ticket for over a month now. This is really outrageous.

You can buy the update to cubase 12 and after crossgrade to nuendo 12.
Or directly crossgrade to nuendo 12 from cubase 11.

Ok, I upgraded to Cubase 12 using the Grace Period.

So now I tried the crossgrade code I purchased earlier. Again an error: this licence code has been used before… Well yes, but never succesfully… I tried the code in the Download Assistant several times the last month… so now that doesn’t work either. Really sad story

Here I just went and put up a 3rd support request ticket. With proof of payment and everything…

But which code you trying crossgrade from c12 to n12 or? Can you talk step by step how you doing?
Maybe leave some screenshots.

Sure, and thanks for trying to help here.

I just called tp the helpdesk today and a friendly guy called Michael just fixed everything for me now.

I didn’t do anything wrong, it was because of the grace period things had gone askew.

But now I’m back on track.

Thank you ! (case is closed)

No problem. I’m happy for you. Ask if something.
Have a good luck.