Crossgrade from Logic Pro 9 to Cubase Pro 10?


Is it possible to get the crossgrade price for the Cubase Pro 10 with Logic Pro 9? The list of eligibility just says Logic Pro and doesn’t specify the number…

Thanks everyone!

Says here it’s $339.99. Try looking in the steinberg shop. It should be there.

on the basis of the crossgrade offer saying Logic Pro, I sent pic of the install media for Logic Pro 8 showing serial # , but Steinberg mailed back to say I’d failed the verification!

I have Logic Pro X, but there is no serial number nowadays, and installation media is a download from Apple, and finding any sort of receipt from a few years ago would be a nightmare, so I didn’t bother to try sending a screenshot from inside Logic Pro X…

Get this, too! I’m a registered owner of Sequoia DAW and Samplitude ProX Suite DAW, but Steinberg told me they exclude them from the list of qualifying DAWs!

As I have loads of Steinberg licences from Wavelab Pro 9.5 to Halion, I’m not particularly happy about the crossgrade situation…

As you correctly pointed out, they didn’t specify a qualifying level for Logic Pro…!

I want to switch from Logic Pro X to Cubase via the Crossgrade option too. But I have no idea how Steinberg wants me to verify my ownership of Logic.
So I opened a ticket and asked Steinberg about this, but got no answer so far.
I‘m going to sell my Mac so I hope I can still verify without having a Mac actually running Logic if Steinberg don’t answers in time.
If anyone has done the Logic verification and can tell me what I have to screenshot or whatever I would be glad to know.

Did Steinberg ever get back to you? Were you able to qualify for the crossgrade price?

I also want to get Cubase Pro 10.5 on a crossgrade from Logic Pro X 10.4 and while I have my Apple License Agreement document they sent me, I cannot find my actual purchase receipt. Wondering how flexible Steinberg is on this.

Yes Steinberg send me an answer and i was able to qualify for the crossgrade just with the email from the appstore.
It even was for an old email adress which i’m not using anymore but that was no problem.

My recommendation for you is just ask the Steinberg support if your documents are enought for a verification.
It took them a while to answer me but within a week it should be done.