Crossgrade from Sibelius - requirements

Is it required to have a perpetual licence or will my current Sibelius (NOT the ultimate one btw) subscription be accepted for a crossgrade ?

Many thx !

I go the cross grade a few years ago with my Sibelius 7 - never did the perpetual license. I would assume that still holds.

According to this Recently cancelled Sibelius subscription - educational crossgrade to Dorico - Dorico - Steinberg Forums you can cross grade if you have paid for at least 12 months subscription.

If you bought Sibelius before Avid started their subscription and perpetual license schemes, they you have a licence to run that version of Sibelius “for ever,” but you can’t upgrade it - you can only buy a later version of Sibelius at the full price.

AFIAK There is no restriction on crossgrading from “old” versions of Sibelius, which is presumably what you did.

Worth pointing out the caveat that JohJoh has made clear that he has got a Sibelius licence rather than Sibelius Ultimate licence (i.e. he has the product that used to be known as Sibelius First). This therefore is not eligible for a Dorico Pro cross grade, unfortunately.

(I’m having woes myself with the new pricing for updates that Avid added at the start of this year, removing the option completely for anybody who has been ‘off the train’ with updates to get back on at any price. It’s an utter disgrace, but that’s not on topic for this thread or forum!)

Good catch. I get lost in the maze of Avid product names.

The Forum wasn’t always clear on this (and it may have been a moving target as well …), but found this page : Crossgrade to Dorico | Steinberg
Seems there are only 4 ways to be eligible for crossgrade, either you :

  • have a perpetual license for Sibelius Ultimate (2018.4 or later)
  • have a perpetual license for Sibelius (up to 2018.1)
  • have been subscribing to Sibelius Ultimate for more than 12 months
  • have a license for any full version of Finale

So, not in my case …