crossgrade Nuendo 5.5 to Cubase 7

I don’t really need Nuendo specific features anymore and I’m looking to switch to Cubase as I don’t have NEK. Isn’t there any cross grade offers from Steinberg?

Hi Glenn,

unfortunately we do not offer any crossgrades from Nuendo to Cubase currently. Probably a NEK would be the cheapest solution for you.


This has come up before. It would be nice but the price differential between the products makes it absurd. Any crossgrade offer would have to include a refund! And a Nuendo user taking a huge loss and giving up their Nuendo license for Cubase makes no sense.

What does make sense is for a Nuendo user to independently sell their Nuendo license (which is currently allowed) and then buy a Cubase license. Now’s probably a good time to do this as many might consider getting Nuendo 5 second hand and upgrading it to N6 as a good financial move. With N5 still selling at around $1800, you could buy lots of plugins and VSTi’s with the extra money… :wink: