Crossgrade Nuendo

Hello. I switched from Cubase to Nuendo Crossgrade, but the eLicenser doesn’t see or update it. I’ve tried all of Steinberg’s recommendations, but nothing helps

eLicenser really is no more; Today in any other situation you should have either gotten an activation/download code which you need to enter into your MySteinberg account or in the Steinberg Download Assistant, or ideally you crossgraded directly on Steinberg and thus your account, in which case the license is probably already there just needs to be activated. Run the Steinberg Activation Manager and login to your MySteinberg account with it.

Hello. Thank you for answering me. Sorry I don’t speak English. I’m using a translator. I did everything as you said, but I have a message in Activation Manager that “the verification waiting period has expired” and I can’t activate the code