Crossgrade requirements

Hi everyone – my first post here.

After years as a Sibelius user, and with the advent of chord symbols, I feel like I’m ready to make the leap over to Dorico. Sib 7 is so bloated and awkward, plus I’ve just spent nearly a week trying to successfully reinstall and activate it after an HD reformat, finally ending in a call to an Avid rep who talked to me like a potential criminal rather than a long-standing customer (v2).

However, before I make the leap, I just wanted to be clear what qualifying information I’ll need to provide for the crossgrade. I have my original Sib 2 install CD (with a serial beginning SWEP 200) and my Sib 7 install discs with an activation code beginning S7U147. Are these credentials going to be enough to smoothly transfer my allegiance?

For anybody else who sees this thread, I’ll repost the answer I gave to Aidan on Facebook in answer to this same question:

All you need for your Dorico crossgrade is some proof of your Sibelius license, e.g. a photo of the original serial number on your CD case or a screenshot of the About box.

In the meantime you can download the trial version from our web site and get on with that, and the only thing you’ll need to do when you get your crossgrade is simply type in the permanent activation code printed on the label in the box, and away you go.

I’m afraid Dorico is only licensed for use on a single computer at once, so you would need to use the USB-eLicenser (included in the box but not necessary if you want to use Dorico only on one computer). You can move your license on to the USB-eLicenser and then you can run Dorico on any computer provided the dongle is attached.