Crossgrade To Absolute 6 Duplicate Instruments

Hi I know this is the Cubase section but there is no licensing section so I have posted here as usually get really helpful advice here.
So I crossgraded to Absolute 6, using the from GA5 option.
I already had other VSTs such as Halion 6, Triekwerk, Padshop 2 etc.
I am now selling my laptop to upgrade it and decided I would include in the sale my duplicate VSTs. However due to the new internet licensing my VSTs are showing “upgraded to Steinberg License”. So there are no duplicates actually showing. I then thought ok so all of the VSTs I previously had are showing here and they must also be included in the Absolute 6 license. So I search for A6 license and its nowhere to be seen. I then think all of the A6 VSTs must be listed seperately but no i cant see the likes of Backbone and others. When i see I cant see, I am searching the two Elicenser USB plug ins through Elicenser.
So now I check online and see under Steinberg licensing based products, A6, Amped Elektra, Cubase Pro 12, and various other VSTs including GA% but not HAlion 6.
When i view eLicenser based products it has everything showing on my two eLicenses.
Also showing on the eLicense is V=Cubase Pro 11 (upraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing). This was the normally tearly paid for upgrade from 11 to 12.

So am i correct in thinking that A6 licesnse does indeed include everyting under one license and if I have a duplicate VST license I can move that to one of the USB dongles and sell?
Second question is becasue I crossgraded from GA5 or Halion, am I still able to remove and sell those licenses or do i need to keep with it being a crossgrade?

Next question, Why is Cubase Pro 11 showing up on my USB Licenser and seperate from Cubase 12. This didnt happen before each time I upgraded. The old version was replaced.
Does this mean I can transfer or sell Cubase 11 Pro 11 also.

Final question, thanks if you made it this far. I assume that simply transfering the licenses to the USB dongle and selling is not enough. They need to be unregistered from my Steinberg account? Is this an easy process and where can I find it.
I was hoping I could create a new email address, for example transfer ownership to this account and give the new owner account details and passwords. They could then transfer to their own account.

I know this is an awful lot but some clarity would be very welcome as its such a waste if it can be reused by some newby or other.

many thanks

I can’t tell you about the Absolute 6 crossgrade and what that includes, but some infos about your Cubase license

Since Cubase 12 Steinberg has switched to the new Steinberg Licensing. License management is now done by the Activation Manager.

Your Cubase 11 license stays on the eLicenser and get the mark “Upgraded to Steinberg Licensing”. This means you can not upgrade Cubase 11 again or sell it independent of the Cubase 12 license.

You can find a description of this process here

Simple answer, No. It is upgraded and can’t be sold without the upgraded release.

Steinberg has a resale wizard for selling products, you can find that here.