Crossgrade to Dorico 2 Pro from old Finale? – probably ineligible but asking anyway

I have 2 old versions of Finale products (PrintMusic 2004 and Finale 2007). I have their original discs/packaging and can provide images of their serial numbers but no longer have the purchase receipts. Is there any way that either would qualify for a crossgrade?

Welcome to the forum, kw18. Yes, Finale 2007 will certainly qualify for the crossgrade: a picture of the About Finale screen showing your serial number should be sufficient proof of ownership.

It’s worth mentioning that ‘cut-down’ versions do not apply, so ‘full’ Finale will qualify, but PrintMusic won’t.

“No cut-down version of Sibelius (Sibelius Student, Sibelius First, G7) or Finale (Allegro, PrintMusic, Songwriter, or Notepad) qualifies.”

Ahhh okay, thank you for clearing this up so quickly!