Hi! I am a Sibelius user, who is quite frankly, fed up. I have therefore decided it is time to take the plunge into Dorico and to learn this system. As i am a user of Sibelius and a student, i wish to apply for the educational crossgrade lisence. However… When i try to upload the pdfs of my order history with Sibelius, and with my enrollment info etc, nothing happens. I am stuck at an Asknet page which wants proof of eligibility. Once i hit the upload button nothing happens. I am using Google Chrome, and the pdfs i tried uploading are both under 8 mb (The limit the site states). Is there any way for me to continue with the verification progress? I have tried uploading only one pdf at a time, i have also tried converting the pdfs to png, however both of these will not work. I have checked this forum, and i have seen some been recommended using retailers, however im not sure which retailers, if any, have Dorico in Norway.

Thanks - Erik Vinje :confused:

Welcome to the forum, Erik. I would suggest you try combining your proof of eligibility into a single two-page PDF rather than trying to upload two files, and make sure the PDF is as small as possible. I personally recommend the online tool for this job. Let me know if you still have problems, and I can certainly connect you to a reseller in Norway if need be.

Thank you! I have subscribed for Sibelius for 22 months, and as i understood, 12 months of subscribtion was enough to get the crossgrade. I am also a student studying my master in a music course. As far as i understand i am elligible? If i order from ex., are they the ones who deal with the eligibility? I could combine the documents to two, however the page for proving you are elligible, requires documents for both crossgrade and education. I failed the elligibility, i believe because i used paypal statements. I don’t quite understand how it did not pass, as it included proof of purchase and for a period of months of more than 12. Is my order history from Avid elligible? I must admit, the Avid order history page is horrible. I exported it to a pdf, and the pdf was 13 pages long.

Thanks for answering Daniel. It is really nice to have such good contact with the creators of the software. I am really looking forward to using it.

Erik :slight_smile:

I believe if you run Avid Application Manager, you’ll be able to see details of your Sibelius subscription in there, including when your subscription started. If so, then please try taking a screenshot of that and including that as your proof of Sibelius ownership.

If you order from one of our resellers, yes, they will handle the verification of your eligibility.

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately, it does not seem to say when it started, only when it renews. I probably should not post my details publicly here on the forum. I think i will go the route of buying from a reseller then.