Crosshair Cursor view option - spans entire spectrogram

This exists in Cubase, both horizontal crosshair and vertical. It would be even more significantly useful in Spectralayers and make removing sounds that repeat (click click bleed) much quicker and easier on eye/brain/hand coordination.

this feature along with showing the frequency location next to the cursor as well as time, all separate options to turn off/on. would be fantastic thanks.

Definitely allow the width of the crosshair to be user adjustable (like in Cubase) as I would make mine as thin as possible (1px). An authentic idea could be having the crosshair gradually disappear at the very center so as to not obscure the spectrogram data at the utmost center of the cursor.

adding to the wishlist for SL7 :slight_smile:

Hope to see this in 8!

As well as Frequency Markers:
Feature Request: Frequency Horizontal Markers - SpectraLayers - Steinberg Forums

Loving SL, getting solid work done

Haha, now is indeed a good time for the SL8 wishlist :slight_smile:

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