I am using the JamUp plug to input my guitar and keys. When I record, I get crosstalk, meaning I can hear the rest of the tracks playing and they get recorded in on the new audio tracks as faint background audio.

Is there anyway to limit this or should I get a the Appogee Jam plug?


Johnny D

If this Jamup interface uses the headphone plug for input/output then yes that’s where the crosstalk is coming from.
This can’t be helped. The only way is to use a interface which uses the 30pin plug or the new lightning connector.
The apogee jam would solve this or the alesis i/o dock.

I see no reason why crosstalk should be a problem with the ipad’s mic / headset input with a correctly built cable:
It certainly isn’t for me! The only real problem with this input when using Cubasis, is the fact that Steinberg in there infinite wisdom, did not use ‘Measurement Mode’ (ios sdk since 5.1) for the audio input… Which causes a steep high pass filter to be engaged… Therefore ruining the bass frequency response!