Croud Funding for Dorico Functionality


I’m about to rebuild my studio and would like to move to Steinberg from my current tools. Here are some features that I believe others would like to see as much as I would.

1.) iPad integration for the purpose of using a pen instead of a mouse and keyboard to write music. Mixing technology seems to have seen the light with the multitude of mixing surfaces for DAWs out there. It just makes sense for notation software to follow suit. Who needs tendonitis?

2.) Easy integration between Dorico and Cubase. The workflow enhancements are endless.

Having been a software developer and a musician for years I appreciate the many dimensional difficulties of this. For this reason I would like to suggest crowd funding to help Steinberg deliver the tools we need.

For the above features I would be willing to donate $250 ( assuming others will donate ) to get these features within a reasonable time frame. Maybe 1-2 years? Perhaps a minimally but stable implementation of a robust specification would be enough for a first release?


It’s great to know that you are ready to put your money where your mouth is, Billy, so thank you for your support of our project. I think both of your main wishes are certainly within the realm of possibility, but I can’t comment on the likely timeframe at the moment, except to say that I think that meaningful and deep integration with Cubase realistically will take longer than 1-2 years. Hopefully we will be able to make a start on it in the meantime, though.