Crumb/Schwantner/Orff time signatures

Will time signatures with an actual note in the denominator (e.g., 4/[quarter-note], 3/[dotted-eighth]; see here be allowed in Dorico? It’s a system I’ve been dying to adopt, but my current notation software does not allow it unfortunately.

Thank you! Looking forward to Dorico.

Yes, Dorico supports these kinds of appearances for time signatures. Simply create e.g. 9/8 as usual, then open the Properties panel, and specify that the denominator should be shown as a note rather than a number. Dorico automatically changes the appearance of the time signature to 3/dotted eighth. It’s pretty neat.

You can also choose whether or not the denominator should appear at all, or whether the numerator should show the total (e.g. 7/8) or the underlying beat grouping (e.g. 3+2+2/8).

Wonderful! This is something I’ve been dying to do for the past couple of years, ever since I realized Sibel— er, the program I’m currently using— could not do. Personally I think it’s much more clear. Good to see it’s going to be implemented! I’m looking forward to trying it on for size.

Would Dorico be able to support, by extension, time signatures of unconventional denominator that’s best expressed as a note value? E.g.


[dotted quarter note] [tied to] [quarter note]

= effectively being 10/8, but subdivided as two “beats” of 5/8?

No, at present the note display for the time signature denominator can only be a single note value.