Cryptic “3/4 (q, 1+1+1)” presented even though there is no change of time signature

Several times now while entering different scores in Dorico for iPad, there will suddenly be presented a red rectangle with a message, e.g. “3/4 (q, 1+1+1)” (e.g. in measure 10).

Please note that there has been no change of time signature in the piece and the time signature specified at the beginning of the piece is 3/4.

Have you added any barline changes? Barlines and Time Sigs are basically the same thing in Dorico. Try selecting the barline at the signpost and deleting it.

Without actually seeing a score which displays this behaviour, we can only guess at what is causing it. If you post a score here, or a cut-down version which contains the “problem”, there are plenty of experienced users on this forum who are always willing to do some detective work for you and hopefully solve the problem for you or devise a workaround for you. Because the Dorico development team reads every post on this forum, it is very likely they will also want to have a look at it. But there needs to be an actual score for others to examine - even a very detailed description is not a real substitute for the actual Dorico project. If it turns out to be a reproducible bug, then the Dorico team can examine the file to see what is causing the problem and take the necessary steps to fix it.

Definitely sounds like an explicit barline.

I’m not sure how you’re suggesting to select/delete the barline at the signpost.
It’s the first barline in the system and the first barline of a system is not selectable/deletable as far as I can tell.

Try selecting the signpost itself (so it turns dark red) and deleting it.

Alternatively, you can select the last barline of the previous system, which is the “same” barline in Dorico-speak.

I was able to select the red signpost and delete it, (thanks to cmd-x on my Magic Keyboard), i wasn’t able to figure out how to delete it from the UI, e.g. tapping the trash can.

…so now the red signpost is gone.
I was hoping that might also fix the broken(?) repeat barlines, (not repeating), but no… unfortunately that’s really the bigger problem in terms of usability.

@Janus already rightly suggested that you need to post the offending project, or a cut-down version to allow us to help you troubleshoot it.

Ok, there ya go, have at it.
What you got? :joy:

See anything wrong with that notation?
Any reason why Dorico won’t repeat at bar 8?
It just barrels on through.

I’m not seeing an uploaded file, sorry.

I haven’t uploaded a file, but I shared my notation.
Can you see any reason why Dorico wouldn’t repeat at bar 8?

Maybe Dorico has corrupted the file after all the time I spent to enter it.
This is what I suspect.

There’s simply not enough information in a screenshot to diagnose every problem. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it isn’t. This isn’t. You stand a lot better chance of getting a solution if you can post the file.


It might be worth checking in Playback Options > Repeats, that “Play repeats” is checked. If it isn’t, check it and click on Apply.

I would need to be paid for the amount of QA the Dorico user is expected to perform, e.g. writing up bugs, uploading personal music files, just for the privilege of using Dorico, which I’m already paying for via subscription.
I think I’d rather just stop using software that doesn’t work.

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No one is forcing you.


I think Dorico just clearly isn’t up to your needs. I recommend you try Musescore for iPad!


I’m not finding “Playback Options” in Dorico for iPad.
If “Play repeats” setting got changed. I didn’t do I it, and the repeats were working fine, just as expected, for a while, then something happened.

Maybe it’s not in the iPad version. I have only used the desktop version.

Is Dorico “up to your needs”?
You must have very meager needs, and don’t require repeat barlines that repeat.
Maybe all your masterpieces are through-composed?
But thanks for the suggestions of superior software. I’ll have to try it.
Does it support repeat barlines by any chance?

Thanks for all your”help”