Cs-80 v4 with cubase 12 pro VS Cubase 11 ( Sound artefacts )

Hi there, thanks to Steinberg for the CS-80 V4- But I have a problem, The CS-80 v4 has a lot sound artefacts In Cubase 12 Pro, when I play a one note or more the sound have a lot of clicks and sound artefacts. But in cubase 11 the CS-80 v4 runs perfectly and withouts sound artefacts. The sound card is the same for both DAW´s, and the Asio confoguration too. ( RME HDSPE AIO ) and my system is win 10 with a intel 10980xe and 96 gbytes of ram. Any Idea to solve this problem?

Please make sure that the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme is enabled in Studio Setup. CS-80 V is very CPU hungry.

Thanks a lot Romantique, Solved, I changed the ASIO- Guard to High option and now the CS-80 v4 have a good sound without artefacts. Anyway this synthesizer consumes a lot of resources.

The whole Arturia collection in general is pretty CPU heavy depending on the instrument and what you are doing. Be glad they didn’t give us Pigments, I can take down my whole Mac with the right patch in that, but there is a lot going on inside it so there is that…

I wonder if Matthias’s final words at Steinberg will be something like

“I’ll buy them a damn CS-80 myself…” :grin: :innocent:
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The CS-80 v4 I think is a very interesting synthesizer, a good gift :slight_smile: . I don’t know Pigments. I usually work with orchestral libraries, strings, winds, guitars and at specific moments I put certain electronic nuances. CS-80 I think it will be a good complement for my type of music, but I will have to watch the consumption of resources.

I can’t even find the download for the CS80…

Where did you look for it, it is here:

Yea, but wasn’t it included with Cubase pro? I don’t wanna spend an additional €200 (at the moment)…

I’ll probably just buy it around black friday

No, there was a Cubase sale for some time and this was given as a voucher for buying the upgrade. That timeframe is gone since 3.October.

Aaaah. Well, poo on me then XD

I’ll just end up buying it someday. Thanks anyway