.csh files: when and how and why r they created?

When and why are .csh files created? I’m trying to get a better handle on file management and Cubase project management and backup. Curious why some of my projects have a .csh file in addition to the .cpr file??

I understand they are Cubase “Cachefile” created automatically by Cubase software as part of backing up projects?..but I’d like to understand and unable to get an answer searching the user manual or forums. many thanks! Steve


I have never seen *.csh files next to the *.CPR files. Do you mean *.bkp?

These are backup file created while Auto save function is triggered in Cubase (once in 15 minutes by default).

When you do offline processing. The file is created. Why? That you have to ask a geek at Steinberg. I guess it has to do with offline processing history.
Never given it much thougt.

What plug-ins are you using, guys? I’m not aware of any *.csh file coming from Cubase.

They have something to do with offline processing and saving of files…not plugin related.

  1. Name project
  2. Record some audio
  3. Audio/Processes (Increase) Gain (for example)
  4. Save file again

.csh file with projects name appears in the folder.

They’re not a new thing, I have them going back years.


The *.csh file contains image information for edited clips and other data that can be recreated, so it can safely be deleted.

Thanks, Martin…useful to know. I concluded a few years ago that they weren’t essential but always nice to know exactly what they’re for.