CSS Expression Maps

Is anyone successfully using the CSS expression maps that Dorico has posted? As far as I can tell, they don’t work. I can see the articulations in the expression map, but when I click on the button on the right to add an expression to a note, most of the options in the expression map aren’t a choice. At first, I thought that I would have to use a symbol like a tremolo on the note, but that doesn’t do anything either.

which Expression Maps are you talking about? I created EM’s for all the current Cinematic Studio libraries and they work fine.

They are the ones listed on this page:


I may just be doing something wrong, but I loaded them into a basic string orchestra, and I can’t seem to get them to respond.

I think the one linked is created by me. But if there is no sound at all, it seems the problem is somewhere else.

I have sound. I just don’t understand how to get the articulations to change. If I use the expression tool to put text above a note, none of the options in the expression map presents when I start typing above the note.

Edit: I am not using the template you provided.

now that @SampoKasurinen has picked up, I’ll leave things with him. In the unlikely event of your still having problems, I can post my own maps if you like which are completely different in concept . They will also require in a few cases custom playing techniques to be created but otherwise should be fairly straightforward

The expression map I created uses partly custom playing techniques and custom playback techniques. I think you have to open the project template and click the star for those for it to work on other projects.

Unfortunately I cannot help more at the moment, but there should be some documentation at the same folder with the expression map.

Thank you for your time.

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