CSV export not showing duration

Hi there - I’m exporting a very simple title/length sheet using the Audio CD Report function in Wavelab 11.1. I notice that with the same set of parameters selected, the PDF and HTML exports have columns for both start time (in Montage), and track duration - which is what I want. But the CSV export only displays a column for start time and will not display the track duration. The CSV also does not seem to export track number or any of the “header” info (file name, etc). Screenshots of a PDF and a CSV exported with the same settings attached below.

Why would this be? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help.

CSV export:
Wavelab CSV Export

PDF export:
Wavelab PDF Export

This seems to be a bug with the .csv option.

Oh…ok! So it’s not me - I’ll just work around it…


FYI, this will be fixed in WaveLab 11.1.20

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