CTextEdit key actions also triggering DAW

can someone give me an advice, what properties to se to CTextEdit object (or generally what to do), to stop it triggering DAW?

For example I have a text edit as a tooltip for knob, where I want to type a value, but in Pro Tools for example numbers trigger all sorts of actions, playback, recording etc.


Hi, a few questions:

  • which operating system and version
  • which Pro Tools version
  • which VSTGUI version

Hi, sorry for not specifying.
Mostly happens on Windows 10, troublemakers are Reaper (6.12c) and Pro Tools 12.
Other DAWs tested, like Studio One, Cubase, Ableton seem to handle these key actions better, it might just be a problem of DAW and there is nothing I can do about it.

VSTGUI version I am using is 4.9.

Nothing VSTGUI can do here. The hosts are not well behaving regarding key focus handling. At least for Reaper there is a setting to stop this behaviour. Don’t know if this exists for Pro Tools.