Ctrl-Alt notename suddenly stopped working

Bizarre. Shift-Alt moves up an octave, as it should. But suddenly Ctrl-Alt to move down an octave does nothing. What have I done? I have rebooted, I have restarted the Logitech keyboard, the keys work in other programs, and I have reset the key commands, and tried a different keyboard. This happens now in any project I open. Help!

Does it only affect particular pitches or all pitches? For instance, I know that pre-input register selection on Mac for Shift-Opt-B has issues.

Other programmes on your computer can also take key commands - it might be worth checking at the system level whether anything else has commandeered it.

My shortcut for inputing and octave lower is simply ctrl (mac here), it does not involve alt. It might be different on PC though (since the ctrl key is more used)…

The register selection key commands are indeed some of the ones that are more different between the 2 systems than simply equivalent modifier keys.

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Shift-Alt and Ctrl-Alt are the out of the box defaults on Windows.

Just in case, do check that your graphics driver hasn’t naughtily updated behind your back: Conflicting Windows shortcuts with Dorico's note input shortcut – Steinberg Support

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@pianoleo No it’s not that. But very useful to know.

Even more bizarre, the problem has rectified itself without me doing apparently anything extra. Very odd. We may never know.

Will report back it if occurs again.

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