Ctrl+clic Monitor source opens/selects source's channel settings


an easy feature i would use to check my stems is to be able in the Monitor Source Tab to ctrl+clic a monitor source and by this have it both selected and opened in the Channel Settings.
would that be usefull to you guys ?

What you mean with monitor source?

Don’t understand exactly what you’re suggesting.

You found those in the CR Tab from the Right zone once your set your monitors in the Audio connections - control room.
You do those based on your stems so you can monitor / export for exemple M&E etc…

good video about this at 2:50 :

I still don’t understand the request
monitor sources are available as configured but have no channel settings

When you create a monitor source it’s base on a track or group etc…
so my request is… to be able to access this track (select it and open it’s channel settings) directly from the monitor source panel rather then scrolling through mix window or or the Find Track/Channel search.

… you understand it’s “Monitor Source” not “Monitor” ! witch this one is about selecting the output speakers. Check the video above.

no it hasn’t to base on a track or group

i ment based on ins or groups… not tracks