Ctrl+Drag Clip - NO GRID

Just updated to 7.0.3 - holding ctrl and dragging any kind of clip turns off grid and moves it “free hand”

7.0.3 64bit Win 7

UPDATE - playing with Tool Modifiers settings via Preferences didn’t help - holding Ctrl during drag Still Turns off Snap to Grid - please fix asap - it’s even more annoying than acoustic feedback bug, U’ve kindly fixed for us ) thanx forward.

Hi, this is intended behavior.
You can also free other actions from ‘snap to grid’, by holding ctrl.

If You want to use ctrl to copy parts, try this :
start dragging, then push ctrl.


Or - If it is your intention to just copy and drag a clip with snap on…

Select clip, hold Alt and drag the copy to “snap” it in the new position…

This is certainly new behaviour in Cubase 7.0.3, and I think it is intended (although its implementation may be open to discussion :wink:… it certainly seems to be at odds with the “Constrain Direction” use of the same modifier key )… While we have always been able to use the Ctrl key (Cmd on Mac) to deactivate Snap while sizing objects, there has never been away, until now, to do similar while moving an event.
In fact, it is still the old behaviour when copying (addition of the Alt key), and doesn’t deactivate Snap for Automation or Controller events either… so I’m opting for a “work in progress” here, if it isn’t in fact a bug :wink:.

Heh, this appears to be a ‘granted’ feature request, which was not included in the “What’s New” post. Like vic says,

Truly. Properly implemented it will be nice to have. But since it destroyed snapping while constraining it would appear the developers are not permitted to communicate with one another. :wink:

Cubase has always been a work in progress. I have gotten used to it.

My getting used to it is, itself, a work in progress :stuck_out_tongue:

:laughing: Well put!

NO previous version behaved like this - now I can’t easily drag LINKED UNLINKED copies of it !!! It’s ABSOLUTELY useless, cause when I want to go out of SNAP I just turn it off with desired shortcut in one click !!!

Yep - and that leads to unsnapping TOO !!