CTRL+F in the notepad (for word searching - "find")

I think it would be helpful if the notepad had a CTRL+F function to search for words. With simple notes, it’s no big deal, but when notes get complex, there are times this would be helpful.



Anything to improve the working of the lame notepad feature and function would be helpful. It really needs a total review. It dosen’t have to be a full word processor but… the disappearing cursor, no search function, having to click it to activate it, whatever (too many to list).

Regards :sunglasses:

Further more, the song documentation options within Cubase should be renewed, IMHO.
I think about the various notes taken about Inputs / Outputs / Busses / ect. which has been noted during recording/mixing and - in my case - are actually made with post-it :wink: