CTRL SHIFT key combination to edit velocity in the key editor available in Nuendo?

Hi there, I crossgraded from Cubase 11 to Nuendo and I was using the CTRL SHIFT key combination to edit the velocity, where a speaker icon and the values were showing up when moving the mouse over a note event in the key editor. Sadly, this key combination doesn’t work in Nuendo. Is there another key command that exist in Nuendo?

Hi Martin,

It does work in Nuendo, but it’s not enabled by default… You can assign this key combination in Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers > Select Tool > Edit Velocity. :wink: Enjoy Nuendo!

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Wow, that is a prompt reply! Plus it works :blush: Not that I didn’t trust it but I’ve seen many forums giving useless answers… lol

Many thanks and best regards, Admiral

I sure will enjoy Nuendo! :blush: