Ctrl+Z Crashed My Cubase.

I was working on some reorded midi using the sylenth1. :sunglasses: And started chopping it up with my sciccor, when i saw i had done some mistakes. “This is going to be fast! I’ll just ctrl+z to the point where stupid happend”


Super crash. Staggering computer for 20 Seconds, horrible bleeping in fast succsession, becomming distrorted as they were happening too fast for the machine to keep up. Needless to say i stopped pressing ctrl+z when it started.

I just sat there afterwards for 5 min trying to come to grips with what happend. The magnitude of the crash, just baffled me.Then I thougth hey lets reproduce this. But like always, murphies Law just didn’t want me to do that.

Anyone here expirienced such a crash using ctrl+z?

Yes I have, the reason was a faulty driver installation and purely my fault.
Anyhow best way to avoid it, Don’t Make Mistake :slight_smile:

Actually this gives me a great idea for a product, a hardware thingy you strap on some body part and connect to a car battery, then every time you hit ctrl-z it gives you a shock. Oh and make it possible to redirect the metronome to it, so that the whole band can get zapped in time :smiley:
Or connect it to the talkback button, and you would get the artists attention in a split second.

Yea, you should never use Ctrl+Z in Cubase. Everybody knows that. It is not Cubase problem, but system incompatibility, of course, something to do with moon phases and blue ray disc.


But, its so easy to press ctrl+z…