Cu 9.5 uad console route/track naming

Hey my cubers! Im a cubase 9.5 on mac user. I recently upgraded my studio hardware to a 24 core UAD system and also picked up softube console 1. Im having one hell of a time with routing live 24-32 channel sessions when there is naming in:

Core audio
Uad console settings (routing)
Uad console mixing console
Softube console 1 mk2
Cubase channel routing
Cubase track/group channels

Anyone using a similar setup with any ideas of how to do a new session without typing in and out names of 32 channels and 16 virtuals between 6 places??

My physical routing changes every session as the house tie lines in my studio are shared with others, so there is no set it and forget it on the i/o side and i work with hugely different ensembles daily, classical chamber, jazz groups, many traditional western popular ensembles, etc.

But the 6 hours of setting the routing to spend 3 chasing down wrong settings or bad bantam cable or whatnot is putting a hamper on my pro status. Oye! Hælp mæ Obæ Wonton!

Obviously its many many templates to create but i need to be able to make from scratch a little easier, this has been feeling increasingly unmanageable lately on live 24+ track session… :ugeek: