Cub 10.05.12 CRASH on Audio EXPORT

Hello -

I have posted about this before - contacted support and tried all that was suggested, same problem. When exporting a mix Cubase crashes (freezes) sometimes even without creating a crash dump.

The last support person suggested a plugin may be causing the issue, but given that NOTING has changed on my system other than updating Cubase that would be no justification. And in fact, it would only re-enforce the theory that the update has issues, not the other way around.

The workaround, at least for me, is to render from a GROUP, NOT the stereo out. So, that might provide a clue to the programmers. I usually have groups for the mix anyways but, I used to render from the main stereo out.

I see numerous other posts about the same issue as well as other crashing issues, I hope it can all be resolved soon and I appreciate all the help from support, btw which has always been reasonably prompt.

I am attaching my last crash dump file, for reference.

My system: Win 10 64 - Cubase 10.5.12
Cubase 64bit 2020.2.25 (924 KB)


The crash is in AutoTune. This is the whole Stack_text:


Thank you for your reply.

Auto Tune was not being used in that session. But, that wouldn’t explain, even if it were, how the new update crashes where the older (10.5) didn’t.

I am using the same plugins (and the same versions thereof) that I was using on 10.5 - now all of a sudden I get random crashes on EXPORT. How is that the plugins’ fault?

I’m running Cubase 10 on my iMac that runs OS 10.13.6. I crash when I export but not every time. It’s more like the ball just keeps spinning…like a freeze. It seems it’s a bit random. It seems like it’s more stable if I just export a simple master track versus trying to export individual tracks. I’m running very simple sessions with NO plug ins. Its very frustrating. Also, why does Cubase seems to freeze when you try to quit the program. That has been happening for a long time. They just can’t seem to figure that out!